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Australia's Leading Opal Supplier

The National Opal Collection was formed in 2000, and has its head office located in Melbourne. It is a joint venture between Cody Opal (Australia) Pty Ltd and Gemtec Pty Ltd, who since 1971, have been leading exporters of Australian opals, selling opal wholesale to the gem and jewellery trade throughout the world. Today, Cody Opal and Gemtec are recognised around the world as the major source not only for opal but also for information on opal, having featured in countless film documentaries and press articles.

Over time, The National Opal Collection has assembled the world's most important collection of opalised fossils and specimens and displayed them in a unique environment of dioramas depicting pre-historic Australia through to current day opal mining.

Buyers enjoy great value as The National Opal Collection is vertically integrated and involved in every step of the process from owning opal mines, cutting and polishing, wholesale and export, design and jewellery manufacturing.  Every opal at The National Opal Collection is 100% Australian and selected for its individual qualities and values.

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